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Psychological Warfare – The “Art” of Creating Insanity – Mirroring

This is an excellent article that explains how liars and psychopaths operate and wage huge disinformation and blame campaigns where they blame others for things that they are guilty of. Its projection on steroids where disinformation and propaganda are used to deflect, deny and twist it all around and blame the other party; ascribing their deeds and guilt to the other party.

This is a major tactic of disinformation agents like Linda4444 of Talkshoe Targeted Individual support calls. Many people have brought Linda’s lies out to the community only to have Linda wage fierce disinformation campaigns where she uses this tactic with much competence. She then records many hours of calls on the target of her lies and disinformation, whereby she never posts the show.

Instead, she programs the people who attend with lies an disinformation that is merely a projection of her guilt and wrongdoings. She gets everyone worked up and then never posts the show–because its slander and prosecutable. If this were not the case, why does Linda never post these long, multiple calls where she goes on and on about having been done wrong? She never even tries to get the facts straight because her job is to cause you to distrust others and to put undeserved trust in her.

As the truth comes out about Linda, she seems to be disappearing again from the calls that she admits to monitoring and to collecting information on T.I.’s to use as fodder to turn it around on them later. You know, something that SHE is actually guilty of. Call it what you will–mirroring or projection–this is one of the most common forms of PsyOps used against targets. Learn about these things so that agents like Linda are not able to have undue influence and control on you. Careful–she’s good–real good.

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By Virginia McClaughry


ABUSEunjust hostile attitude and destructive acts against a person who does not deserve it

SOCIOPATH–  a pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the welfare of others – abusive to others, whom the sociopath has falsely identified as deserving the abuse. Often exhibits lack of morals, drug abuse, criminality, artful lying, sexual misconduct and no remorse.

PSYCHOPATH– same idea as sociopath

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The Aim of Psychological Warfare is:

~ To undermine the enemies will and capacity to resist.. ~

That direct quote came from a declassified CIA document, and it delineates a list of psychological states (which in layman’s terms means how you FEEL) that need to be brought about in order to bring about that goal.

Put another way, the goal is for you to give up your right to fight back.

Propaganda is the…

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