Words to the Wise About Lies



8 responses to “Words to the Wise About Lies

  1. Part of a literal empire of liars since 911 when I said the gates of hell had opened, with no idea I’d become a victim to so many. One thing I noticed about all of them is not only do liars forget their lies becoming extremely nervous, they turn their anger onto the ones they know are coming on to them as they get caught-up further, deeper into their lies, amounting from a mole-hill to a mountain. Gives new meaning to the word ‘mole’ as in infiltrating liar aka mole. Hypo/HYER-mode-critical defamation of character assassinates, is right. One has to hold these traits prior, to be of that nature now. I know because I too am a victim. And another has went right back in to the den of liars, knowing, but forgiving, just as I did prior. I miss a few who called in. There are good people on there, but when the leader of the pack of so-called supporters stab ya in the back, this is the only forum to speak-out. At least we don’t hide it, its left for all to see – the truth sets one free.


    • Very astute observations and wise counsel from experience.

      I am sorry that you, too, have been hurt. Hopefully, she doesn’t unleash her full-blown evil discrediting and defamation libel and slander campaign. If so, she’s just going to dig herself (mole) in further and be trapped in more lies. She’s done it so much, one would thing that she would have learned something by now.

      Some of us will fight for our good name and for the truth until we die. This is how you know what you are really made of–when you take a stand out of principle knowing that you are going against an evil force that knows no limits. I admire you for your strength and resolve in exposing the truth.

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      • And I admire you for your tenacity to expose this for the rest of us. No longer shall I sit as a silent victim of these shill Cointelpro in this nation of high-treasonous, murderous, empire of lying traitors. Never have I met first-hand on the phone someone who’s so filled with lies watching others fall for her. At first the truth causes the shock-doctrine effects, then one get’s angry… then the truth sets one free. If we don’t expose this, who else will let another know they’re not alone in their gut-thoughts. It was there for me day-one and finally came to a head, thank my God, and others like yourself.


      • Thank you for your courage and bravery in coming forward, Lissa. It shows that you are a high level target, too.
        “In times of universal deceit, the TRUTH is a revolutionary act.”

        If I don’t come forward with the truth and someone more vulnerable and less strong is hurt or loses their life because they find out the truth and can’t handle it, what would that make me? An accomplice of suicide or a coward who contributed to someone else’s disillusionment and hopelessness? I just cannot have any “blood” on my hands even if it means that no one believes me or likes me or ever accepts me again.

        I warned Linda plenty of times that I would expose her if she didn’t stop or go away. She would rather increase her CoIntelPro on me and continue her despicable acts targeting real TI’s with data mining, lies, disinformation, neurolinguistic programming, trauma induction, and other tactics. She is one of the most evil and pre-meditated tactician that I could have ever imagined. I will spend the rest of my days exposing her and anyone else that I know of that is working these evil programs.

        Thanks for your support.

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      • Explains her again to a TI – “data mining, lies, disinformation, neurolinguistic programming, trauma induction, and other tactics.” I almost feel like a fool. At least I awoke before its over…. We’re not as stupid as they think we are, now are we.


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