Disinformation: How to Spot The Lies and the Fakes

This blog explains organized stalking and perpetrator tactics very clearly. This post on Disinformation is particularly good and covers aspects of disinformation that Linda4444 uses on her Talkshoe podcasts.
The truth is very plain to see if we step away from the programming that we currently subject ourselves to. Whether it be on the internet, the television & movies or “helpful” podcasts, those who mix truth with lie are of the dark side and have ulterior motives within the T.I. community and society in general.

Justifiably Disturbed by Gangstalking

I need to address the issue of disinformation, because anyone researching the topic of Gangstalking, is going to be confronted with it repeatedly.

I mentioned a little bit about the organization of a Gangstalking group in my last post. The other thing that this group of ORGANIZED HARRASSERS has, is a division of labor. In a legit company, this is akin to having different departments in an organization being responsible for different functions within the company.

A Gangstalking or organized harassment campaign, is a very deliberate, planned and purposeful undertaking. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that there is a master plan. As I’ve said before, being in the dark about motive is not evidence that there isn’t one. In my opinion, no one puts this much effort into anything without a definite plan.

The proximity of the apartments the Gangstalkers have taken over, within view of our…

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